One Piece Compression 'Trafalgar D. Water Law' Long Sleeve Rashguard

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If how you look affects how you feel, then do yourself a favor and let out your inner Pirate!

Trafalgar D. Water Law, more commonly known as just Trafalgar Law and by his epithet as the "Surgeon of Death", is a pirate from North Blue and the captain and doctor of the Heart Pirates. He is one of twelve pirates who are referred to as the "Worst Generation". He became one of the Shichibukai during the timeskip, but his position was revoked for allying with the Straw Hat Pirates and bringing down Donquixote Doflamingo. Law, like many other pirates, dreams of finding the One Piece.

This One Piece Compression 'Trafalgar D. Water Law' Long Sleeve Rashguard is the ultimate One Piece inspired compression shirt that will boost your workouts and your mood as you conquer your goals. You’ll set new personal records and push yourself to new levels with your newfound powers every time you wear it! Whether you’re a cardio maniac, a bodybuilder, a cyclist, or anything at all - this lightweight and moisture wicking design will be your ultimate friend and ally in all things active. Ideal One Piece Compression 'Trafalgar D. Water Law' Long Sleeve Rashguard for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, BJJ, MMA and No-Gi Grappling.

Order your One Piece Compression 'Trafalgar D. Water Law' Long Sleeve Rashguard today!


Style: Long Sleeve 3D Printed One Piece Compression Shirt

Material: Premium Spandex, High Quality Elastane

Type: Print


One Piece Compression 'Trafalgar D. Water Law' Long Sleeve Rashguard Special Features:

  • Polyester/Elastane Blend - Smooth and Ultra-Soft Fabric that provides extreme comfort with very little weight and without restriction - Machine Washable.
  • Keeps the muscles warm to prevent muscle strain
  • Compression / rash guard fabric comfortable enough to be worn all day but built for Performance!!
  • 4-way stretch fabrication allows greater mobility in any direction
  • Moisture Wicking Transport System - wicks sweat & dries fast
  • Smooth, chafe-free flatlock seam construction
  • Oh yeah, and it looks cool! Unleash your alter ego and transform yourself into the superhero you always wanted to be!

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