Vision Zip Up Hoodie

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Prepare to defend the universe in this Vision Zip Up Hoodie.

Vision and War Machine, along with Stark became the remaining members of the Avengers, staying at the New Avengers Facility while also double-living with Maximoff in Europe. While living a quiet life, Vision was ambushed by ThanosBlack Order, who were in pursuit of the Mind Stone. As a result, Vision's endangered life was brought to Wakanda, where Wakandan princess Shuri began a procedure to remove Vision's stone in an attempt to protect him from the oncoming assault of Thanos' army. However, when the Black Order successfully managed to disrupt Shuri's work, Maximoff reluctantly used her powers to destroy the Mind Stone, and Vision along with it, to prevent it from falling into Thanos' hands. However, Thanos, using the Time Stone, undid the Mind Stone's destruction and then tore it from Vision's head, effectively shutting him down and completing Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet.

Whether you're tackling a morning run, playing fortnite, PUBG or simply hanging on the couch, this Vision Zip Up Hoodie will help you reach ultimate comfort level.

This Vision Zip Up Hoodie is incredibly comfortable. Drop the hood to enjoy the breeze and flip it back up when it gets too chilly. Show your powers and order today.


Vision Zip Up Hoodie Special Features:

  • Polyester Blend Zip Up
  • Soft Micro Fleece Inside
  • Drawstring Hood
  • Color Safe and Machine Washable
  • Powers Not Included