Venom Gwen 'Gwendolyn' Zip Up Hoodie

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Prepare to defend the neighborhood in this Venom Gwen 'Gwendolyn' Zip Up Hoodie.

Hunting down the Rhino as Venom, Gwen became increasingly aggressive and violent as the symbiote's influence over her increased. Otomo, Murdock's second-in-command, informed her of the Rhino's location and "Gwenom" confronted him and Murdock, swearing to come for the Kingpin after she was done with the man who hurt her father. As she fought the Rhino, Gwen noticed police officers filming her and realized that it was a setup to discredit her father and reaffirm the notion that she was a criminal, but the symbiote's influence caused her to disregard this and keep fighting. Before Gwenom could strike a finishing blow on the Rhino, the Punisher intervened and separated her from the symbiote using a sonic baton before killing the Rhino himself using his War Machine gauntlet. Enraged that her vengeance was stolen from her, Gwen rebonded to the symbiote and was subsequently framed for the Rhino's murder, renewing the manhunt against her.

Whether you're tackling a morning run, playing fortnite, PUBG or simply hanging on the couch, this Venom Gwen 'Gwendolyn' Hoodie will help you reach ultimate comfort level.

This Venom Gwen 'Gwendolyn' Zip Up Hoodie is incredibly comfortable. Drop the hood to enjoy the breeze and flip it back up when it gets too chilly. Show your powers and order today.

Venom Gwen 'Gwendolyn' Zip Up Hoodie Special Features:

  • Polyester Blend Hoodie
  • Zippered Front
  • Soft Micro Fleece Inside
  • Drawstring Hood
  • Color Safe and Machine Washable
  • Powers Not Included