Spiderman 'Noir' Zip Up Hoodie

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Prepare to defend the neighborhood in this Spiderman 'Noir' Zip Up Hoodie.

Part of the Marvel Noir universe, this alternate version of Spider-Man is a darker take on the character. An inexperienced but idealistic apprentice of a respected yet troubled reporter in 1933, during the Great Depression, Peter Parker is accidentally bitten by an illegally imported and highly-venomous spider, while secretly investigating a smuggling ring of ancient spider statues. Instead of killing him, the bite gave him super-human abilities, similar to that of a spider. Taking advantage of his new abilities, Parker begins to wage a one-man war against the criminal underworld in New York City as a brutal and feared vigilante, known as the "Spider-Man", partly to avenge the deaths of his uncle Ben Parker and his mentor, Ben Urich, at the hands of the city's major crime lord, Norman Osborn.

Whether you're tackling a morning run, playing fortnite, PUBG or simply hanging on the couch, this Spiderman 'Noir' Sweatshirt Hoodie will help you reach ultimate comfort level.

This Spiderman 'Noir' Zip Up Hoodie Zip Up Hoodie is incredibly comfortable. Drop the hood to enjoy the breeze and flip it back up when it gets too chilly. Show your powers and order today.

Spiderman 'Noir' Zip Up Hoodie Special Features:

  • Polyester Blend Hoodie
  • Zippered Front
  • Soft Micro Fleece Inside
  • Drawstring Hood
  • Color Safe and Machine Washable
  • Powers Not Included