Iron Man 3 Zip Up Hoodie

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Represent one of the greatest hero's in the MCU Universe in this Iron Man 3 Zip Up Hoodie.

On the platform, Tony goes to save Pepper, and Rhodey saves the president. Stark summons his Iron Man suits, controlled remotely by J.A.R.V.I.S., to provide air support. Rhodes secures the president and takes him to safety, while Stark discovers Potts has survived the Extremis procedure. However, before he can save her, a rig collapses around them and she falls to her apparent death. Stark confronts Killian who in turn attacks him, breaking three of Stark's suits with his Extremis-granted power. Stark, feigning surrender, sends his Mark 42 to trap Killian and blows it up, but fails to kill him. Potts, whose Extremis powers allowed her to survive her fall, intervenes and kills Killian.

Show off your Tony Stark pride in this incredibly comfortable Iron Man 3 Zip Up Hoodie. Perfect for a night out at the movies or a morning run. Order yours today!


Iron Man 3 Zip Up Hoodie Special Features:

  • Polyester Blend Hoodie
  • Zippered Front
  • Soft Micro Fleece Inside
  • Drawstring Hood
  • Color Safe and Machine Washable
  • Powers Not Included